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ODND Presents: A Tabletop Gaming Meowrathon 2021
Simply Cats is a non-profit, Boise based, no-kill cat shelter. Over the years they have helped thousands of cats find homes. Recently, due to covid restrictions, they have been unable to do many of their usual in-person fundraisers. Last year they participated in Idaho Gives, and we, the Of Dice and Dens Podcast, ran a two day series of tabletop roleplaying games on Twitch to help raise money. At the end of it we were able to raise over $1,500.

Because we had so much fun, and also because we foster for them, we have decided to turn this into a yearly endeavor. This year we are running twelve games from July 16th - 18th. We have a variety of games including a D&D session on Friday at 8PM being hosted by Todd Stashwick where he will be joined by several friends, including Satine Phoenix, Alicia Marie and David Blue, and an adventure on Saturday at noon where we will be joined by James Urbaniak and Riley Silverman as we play as familiars avenging the death of our murdered witch!

So come have some fun, help some kittens, and maybe win a raffle while you’re at it! Learn more at Meowrathon.com and we hope to see you there!
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