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ODND Presents: A Tabletop Gaming Meowrathon 2022
Simply Cats is a non-profit, Boise based, no-kill cat shelter. Over the years they have helped thousands of cats find homes. In 2020, due to covid restrictions, they were unable to do many of their usual in-person fundraisers. They participated in Idaho Gives, and we, the Of Dice and Dens Podcast, ran a two day series of tabletop roleplaying games on Twitch to help raise money. At the end of it we were able to raise over $1,500.

Because we had so much fun, and also because we foster for them, we decided to turn this into a yearly endeavor. Last year we ran twelve games and managed to raise over $2,100!

Come join us again this year from July 8th -10th for more games, fun, and kittens! Learn how to watch or participate at Meowrathon.com and we hope to see you there!
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