2024 Meowrathon Coming Fall!PARTICIPATE

We have 11 of 12 games scheduled, if you are interested in playing join the Discord and play along! Find more specific game details below!

NOTE: All times are in Mountain time!



12PM – Untitled Goat Game: Turf Wars
“Today is a wonderful day and you are a bunch of terrible geese goats. It’s the annual summer fete here in the village of Hughmannsville, Peepelsland and you are determined to have as much fun as possible…there’s only one problem, the local geese have had the same idea…”

Untitled Goat Game is a homebrew system based off a hack of Goat Crashers by Grant Howitt. Chaos will reign.

4PM – Kids On Bikes


Kids on Bikes is a Collaborative World Building RPG set in small towns with big mysteries. Where players take on the roles of small town heroes facing big adventure. Players can even incorporate a community controlled POWERED CHARACTER in the game!

8PM – Mörk Borg
MÖRK BORG is a pitch-black apocalyptic fantasy RPG about lost souls and fools seeking redemption, forgiveness or the last remaining riches in a bleak and dying world.


8AM – Teatime Adventures


“The fall’s frost once again snuggles at the corners of warm windows and slumbers beneath the eaves. The flowers have curled away. The sky has gone a trembling shade of azure. November has come!
Though winter looms, the village of Oakenbend cannot yet settle in for those snowy nights. Homes must be warmed! Cloaks must be adorned! Pies must be shared! The Leaping of the Hoptops has begun.”

12PM – Deadlands (SWADE)
The year’s 1884. Folks from all over the world journey to the American frontier in search of opportunity, freedom, and wide-open spaces. But danger awaits. Some say there are more than just wild creatures on those lonely trails. Some say there are monsters, creatures born of the darkest fears given life by some insidious and overwhelming evil. Out here night seems a little darker, the distance between towns a little farther, and something changes the very landscape itself.
Such tough times also create great heroes, rising across the West to fight Evil’s cold grip with a trusty six-gun, sacred tomahawk, holy miracle, or arcane hex.
Think you’ve got what it takes to join them, amigo?

4PM – D&D5e


It’s got dungeons AND dragons. Adventurous characters seek out treasure, glory, and fulfillment! Come roll dice and see where the journey goes!

8PM – Blades in the Dark


Blades in the Dark is a game about a crew of daring scoundrels seeking their fortunes on the haunted streets of an industrial-fantasy city. There are heists, chases, occult mysteries, dangerous bargains, bloody skirmishes, and, above all, riches to be had—if you’re bold enough to seize them.


8AM – Brawlistas


Even in fantasy lands, people need their coffee! Players will take on the role of an underpaid, under appreciated cafe barista just trying to make it through their shift. Customers will enter the cafe, order beverages, make a mess, and maybe get rowdy. Who will come in for a cup of joe? Maybe a gaggle of goblins, maybe a dragon hunter, maybe the king in disguise. Only the dice (and donors) will determine the cafe’s patrons based off of an encounter table. It’s up to players to take and make orders, keep the cafe clean, and deal with any unruly customers. Your manager, a corrupt dragon, has a 3 strikes you’re out policy. If the customer complaint bell gets rung 3 times, everyone gets “fired.” Does your team have what it takes to make it through a shift of Brawlistas?

12PM – Wanderhome
Wanderhome is a pastoral fantasy role-playing game about traveling animal-folk and the beautiful world they inhabit. Play involves no dice and no math, just conversation.

4PM – Star Odyssey
Custom MOD of the AGON system, blending it with a Star Trek feel.

In the mists of ancient time, a poet sings of great deeds wrought by mighty heroes—of monsters slain and justice restored, of wise counsel and devious strategies, of courage, valor, and daring—defiant of the gods themselves. In AGON, you create these heroes, crafting their epic tale into an immortal legend. — In SPACE!

8PM – D&D5e
It’s got dungeons AND dragons. Adventurous characters seek out treasure, glory, and fulfillment! Come roll dice and see where the journey goes!

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